Every year, schools and community groups look for fundraising opportunities to help reach their goal. Since 2018 MHMT has helped all groups together raise over $100,000, and the process couldn’t be more simple.

1. Contact us through the form below to make sure we have availability.
2. We send out forms for your group to collect orders, or email you a simple version for you to print out.
3. You start fundraising for your desired length of time.
4. You collect order forms, tally totals, and submit final numbers to us.
5. Once we get final numbers, we send you an invoice for payment, and then get your order together within 2 weeks from submission.
6. Your group does a little “dance” to celebrate your fundraiser.
Reasons why groups and schools have enjoyed fundraising through MHMT:
- We offer a 50% profit to your group.
- We work fast and efficiently to get your order to you as soon as possible.
- We offer a variety of flavours to appeal to everyone.
- Jerky is delicious.
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