Help Support Canadian Mental Health With Jerky!

Superstition says you are not supposed to get married, buy a broom or wash your blankets in May. Weird? Yes, but that clearly means less cleaning, more road trips and outdoor activities!

You’re going to need some help fuelling your May adventures, get your hands on some of our premium Alberta beef jerky by visiting the online store.

Jean-Francois Dupras Mountain Climber

We have mentioned that we have teamed up with our friend Jean-Francois Dupras, to support him in his efforts to overcome mental illness by climbing the tallest mountains in the world. We are incredibly proud that we could supply our friend with our beef jerky to help fuel his team’s ascent on Mount Denali in June.At a recent fundraiser, Jean-Francois raised an impressive $3,000 for the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association, but we want to help him raise even more. For the month of May 10% of the sales of ALL of our online jerky orders will go to the CMHA! To help us donate and fill your jerky fix, put in your order on our online jerky store.

Beef Jerky Chopotle Lime

We haven’t had many showers to bring out the flowers yet, but that’s ok, because May marks the beginning of market season! That’s right, your favourite beef jerky (and your favourite purveyors of beef jerky) are coming to a market near you!

It’s time to get yourself out of hibernation, shed those extra layers, and take advantage of the fine artists, fresh produce, and best beef jerky Alberta has to offer, come visit us at our May Markets. Click Here to see a list of our markets near you!

Did You Know?

Base Camp at Mount Everest

Everyone may love beef jerky, but endurance sports athletes love it more than most. It is the secret weapon of extreme mountain climbers the world over. Beef jerky is easy to carry, full of slow burning calories, and it doesn’t require refrigeration to keep fresh. It is even a recommended food for base camp at Mt. Everest!

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